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Recycling & Refuse Collection

The Town of Lomira operates a Recycling/Refuse Collection Site for Town of Lomira residents only

Collection Site: Town Hall & Garage
N10479 Cty Rd AY
Knowles, WI 53048

Saturdays from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

The Town has two bulk waste drop-off dates each year on the 2nd Saturday of April and 2nd Saturday of October. Fees for bulk waste drop-off will be determined by the attendant.


Items Accepted for Recycling

Printable List of Recycling Instructions

--Glass Jars & bottles (Clear, green or brown) 
  Please rinse, caps & seals removed.

--Aluminum Cans only
  Please rinse & crush Keep foil separate from cans

--Tin & Bi-metal Cans Food cans 
  Please rinse, remove labels, both ends out & flatten

--Plastic bottles, jars and jugs. All other items marked #1 or #2 
  Please rinse and remove caps & rings, double rinse and flatten

--Newspapers, junk mail & brown bags
  Please place in paper bags

--Cardboard Corrugated boxes, cereal, cracker & soda boxes 
  Please flatten and bundle or place smaller pieces in paper bags

--Car Batteries 
  Place where attendant directs you

Items Not Accepted for Recycling

  Light bulbs, window glass, drinking glass and dishes

  Plastic oil containers, plastic bags

More information on what can and cannot be recycled from Waste Management

Learn More About Recycling in Wisconsin

Electronics Recycling Sites--DNR E-Cycle Wisconsin interactive website


Fees for Garbage Disposal 

Effective September 1, 2022

Small bag or container - 15 gal. or less

$3.00 each

Large garbage bag - 15-30 gal.

$4.00 each

Barrels - 30-55 gal.

$8.00 each

Tires - automobile or pickup
(tires must be off rims)

$10.00 each

Tires - large truck tires 16" +
(tires must be off rims)

$20.00 each

Appliances - freezer, washer, dryer,stove, 
refrigerators, microwaves

$25.00 each

Prohibited Items

--Tractor Tires

--Electronic Devices

--Construction Debris or Yard Waste

--Antifreeze, Paints, Thinners, Solvents, etc. Used oil is the only recyclable liquid now being accepted. Note: Latex paint may be dried to a solid and brought to the refuse collection site. Simply remove the lid and let the paint dry until it is no longer pour-able.
Disposal of Used Oil Filters and Absorbents

Note: Appliances and items containing freon must be placed outside of the dumpster where directed and are subject to appliance fee above.  Check with Randy Dittberner (920-960-7236) concerning any appliances not mentioned above prior to bringing them down to the site. If he is not available, please leave a message.