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Official Public Notices

Public Notices
Voting by Absentee Ballot – 3/4/2024

Voting by absentee ballot instructions and deadlines for the April 2, 2024 election can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Public Notices
Resolution #24-01 Budget Amendment – 1/15/2024
  • RESOLUTION #24-01
Public Notices
Resolution #23-08 Budget Amendment – 12/14/2023
  • RESOLUTION #23-08
Public Notices
Resolution #23-07 Tax Levy Adoption – 11/9/2023
  • RESOLUTION #23-07
Public Notices
Resolution #23-06 Budget Amendment – 10/16/2023
  • RESOLUTION #23-06
Public Notices
Resolution #23-05 Autorization to Cross-Appeal – 8/25/2023
  • RESOLUTION #23-05

News Items

Town Talk
Change of Regular Board Meeting Date

Please note that the Lomira Town Board will now meet on the third Wednesday of every month instead of the second Wednesday.  Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes can be found on the Agendas & Minutes Page.

Town Talk
Illegal to push snow onto road or road right-of-way

Snow pushed onto roads and into road right-of-ways can become a hazard for snow plows and other vehicles. 

Please be aware that pushing snow or other materials onto or across highways is illegal. Ridges, ice, and other materials left by this action can cause damage, accidents and even death.  Piling snow in the right-of-way can damage snowplow wings and jeopardize the safety of snowplow drivers and others. You can be held responsible for damages caused by these actions.

These activities are prohibited by Wisconsin state law statute 346.94(5), “PLACING INJURIOUS SUBSTANCE ON HIGHWAY. No person shall place or cause to be placed upon a highway any foreign substance which is or may be injurious to any vehicle or part thereof.” 
Town of Lomira Ordinance Chapter 17 also states that “Snow or ice removed from private property shall not be stored in any manner that will obstruct or limit vehicular or pedestrian vision, movement or access, or in any way make Town rights-of-way unsafe.” 

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation as we work together to keep our roads safe and plowed this winter season!