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Official Public Notices

Public Notices
Voting by Absentee Ballot – 7/9/2024

Voting by absentee ballot instructions and deadlines for the August 13, 2024 election can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Public Notices
Notice to Control Noxious Weeds

Notice is hereby given to each and every person who owns, occupies, or controls land in the Town of Lomira, County of Dodge, State of Wisconsin to destroy all noxious weeds on such property before the weed plants bloom, bear seed or spread to adjoining property. Noxious weeds include the following: Canada thistle, leafy spurge and field bindweed (creeping Jenny) and any other weeds that have been declared noxious by the town board or county board by resolution or ordinance.

View entire notice by clicking on the title.

Public Notices
Notice of Ordinance Adoption

Please take notice that the Town of Lomira enacted Ordinance No. 2024-01 Amendment to Chapter 14 Building and Mechanical Code at their regular monthly meeting on April 17, 2024.  The ordinance adds SPS 314 Fire Prevention to the Wisconsin Administrative Code sections adopted by the Town of Lomira and is effective upon posting. The full text of Ordinance No. 2024-01 is available at the Town Hall, N10479 County Rd AY, Knowles, WI and on the town's website: www.townoflomira.gov.  


Public Notices
Resolution #24-02 Fee Schedule – 3/21/2024
  • RESOLUTION #24-02

News Items

Town Talk
Town of Lomira Observes its 175th Anniversary in 2024

A little history about the Town . . . .

Settlers began arriving in the area beginning in 1843. The Town of Lomira was created by a group of these early settlers who met on April 10, 1849 at the home of Henry M. Luce. Elections were held soon after.  The duties of the town at that time were to create school districts, lay out roads, provide protection against crime and record mortgages.  All town board meetings and elections were held in the homes of residents from 1849-1904.  In 1905, the Brownsville Fire House became the official Town Hall and remained so until 1952 when the present Town Garage was built at Knowles. In 1997, a large meeting room addition was built on the north side of the Garage.  

In 1849, the Town of Lomira was the governing municipality for the entire township including the villages of Lomira and Brownsville.  The Village of Lomira was incorporated in 1899 and Brownsville was incorporated as a village in 1952.  The railroad played an important role in the development of the communities in Lomira Township since one rail line ran through Lomira and another ran through Brownsville and Knowles. 

Additional information can obtained from the Lomira Historical Society which offers information about Lomira area history. The Silver Leaf School House (displays and artifacts) at Sterr Park in the Village of Lomira is open selected days during the summer. The History Room (family histories, church, & cemetery records) at the Lomira Quad-Graphics Community Library is available during regular library hours.